Thursday, August 4, 2011

What are you really saying?

I’m still figuring out the style and tone I’d like this blog to have.  So I simply posted my first blog post.  Then I got some friends and family to review it, hoping for some helpful feedback.  Turns out I’m not quite there yet!  Here’s some of the feedback I had:

  1. Too arrogant in the beginning.
  2. Too many unfamiliar words (“What the heck is a corral?”)
  3. The story and the lessons are sort of jumbled together, maybe separate them,  first the story, then the lessons?
  4. Too long.  If it seems to long at first glance, people might not even start to read it.   And miss out on all the brilliance.  OK, that last part was me.  See issue #1.

Phew.  Well, I sure got what I asked for, it's good to know I’ve got honest people to rely on! My first reaction was to remove the post immediately, rewrite it and publish the new version.  But then I thought, what I really want is to find a way to publish more often.  I’d like to create a routine where I’m writing every day and posting several times a week. So I came up with a new idea:  Leave the original post as it is, rewrite it and post it for comparison.  Then write about the process from start to finish.  

Why would I want to do that?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to publish every draft of every post in the future.  But right now, blogging is a learning process for me, so writing about it is a way to really get a firm grasp of it.  Which is sort of the idea behind the blog anyway. To structure my ideas in a clear and concise manner.  So I’ll know which ideas are clear to me and which ones are still a bit... foggy.  Once I’ve posted the rewrite, you can compare the two posts. And then guess who my favorite bloggers are.  Stay tuned!

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